This is Pagitt at the top of his game…and his game is as deadly serious as his title for it is: flip. Never has a low-key, conversational tone been more seductively—or effectively—employed in the business of exegetical brilliance than here. This one really is a thought-expander as well as a faith-enhancer.
— Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence
Doug Pagitt is a fully engaged, questioning theologian whose thoughtful teaching and writing illuminate what it means to live in faith.
— Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread and
City of God

Several years ago I was having another fascinating conversation with Doug Pagitt when Doug said in passing, “You know, I try to touch everyone in my church every Sunday.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking that sounds a bit creepy. But here’s my point: it wasn’t at all; it was deeply moving and inspiring. Because Doug then went on to speak of his desire that everyone he comes in contact with would know they’re loved, they belong, they matter. That’s the thing about Doug—he’s obviously extremely intelligent and passionate and articulate, but above all else he has a giant heart of love. That’s a rare and much-needed combination, and I’m thrilled to know he’s out there doing his thing. The world needs more people like Doug.
— Rob Bell, speaker, author of Love Wins
Doug Pagitt is a light-hearted soul on a serious mission: to help us to see the world, and ourselves, through Jesus’ eyes. Reading Flipped, I felt a weight I didn’t realize I was carrying fall off my shoulders. There a dozen people I want to buy copies for and you will, too. But read it for yourself first. It will change your life.
— Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington 
Jesus blew people’s minds, making outsiders the heroes and calling out the insiders. He challenged fundamental assumptions, saying things like, “You’ve heard it said...but I tell you...” Doug Pagitt brings you into the subversive imagination of God that flips everything upside down so that the last are first and the first are last, the excluded are included and the chosen are challenged. Flipped lets you see that God wants to trespass over the fences we have put on grace and unlock the chains we’ve put on love. This book is Doug Pagitt’s invitation to start afresh with God, and not let religious folks hold the Spirit hostage.
— Shane Claiborne, activist, author of The Irresistible Revolution
Doug has been a friend to me for more than a decade, and he is both brave and kind. Bravery without kindness never changes people. Kindness without bravery probably doesn’t either. But that combination can transform—it invites us into new ways of living and thinking. Doug’s been doing that in my life for years, and Flipped is a great example of that—an invitation so many of us need, offered with both bravery and kindness.
— Shauna Niequist, speaker, author of Bread and Wine
A wise, insightful, and stimulating book!

Reading Flipped made me feel how fortunate people are to have Doug Pagitt as their pastor. Instead of taking sides in contentious “us-them” debates, he consistently points a way through the tensions to a wider, better place. He helps us see God and life in fresh ways, uncovers hidden treasures from the Bible, and flips conventional understandings.
— Brian D. McLaren, speaker, author of We Make the Road by Walking
As a longtime ministry fan and follower of Doug Pagitt’s, I have deeply appreciated his passionate commitment for remaining true to the revolutionary call of Christ. In Flipped, Doug reminds us of just how “upside down” and powerful that call can be. Flipped will challenge many of your scriptural paradigms, breathing a fresh freedom and wholeness into your faith as you seek to follow the all-time “master of the Flip,” Jesus.
— Mike Slaughter, activist, speaker, pastor, author of Dare to Dream and Renegade Gospel
At the heart of the gospel is an invitation to rethink or reimagine everything we thought we knew about life, God, and ourselves. Simply put, to live fully in the good reality of life “in God,” we need to be “flipped.” I know of no one more skilled at rigorous and flexible inquiry than Doug Pagitt, who is a masterful and down-to-earth guide to flipped living. Flipped presents a vision of faithful Christianity that is serious about scripture, hopeful, love-affirming, and passionately committed to the way of Jesus. This is Doug Pagitt’s most honest and personal book to date.
— Mark Scandrette, founding director at ReImagine, speaker, author of Practicing the Way of Jesus