Doug Pagitt is the executive director of Vote Common Good, A Pastor, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, & Goodness Conspirator.


Outdoing Jesus is doug’s Ninth book
Taking the invitation from Jesus to "do even greater works" than the seven miraculous signs in the Gospel of John this book calls us all to participate in the healing and blessing of the world through developments in humanities, medicine, science, technology, philanthropy, structural design, and social justice. National book tour begins August 18, 2019. Details here.


Vote Common Good will barnstorm the country in an epic bus tour and host events in every state in the country. Our work centers on inspiring, energizing, and mobilizing people of faith to join the Community of Common Good through their vote on November 3, 2020, to bring an end to the destructive effects of the Trump administration.
Details of our tour, training, concerts and social impact campaigns can be found at

Details of our tour, training, concerts and social impact campaigns can be found at


Doug is the founder and director of the Non-Profit Greater Things Foundation, which is the umbrella organization that much of his work operates within.

Greater Things makes change by helping faith leaders and individuals leave behind the narratives of exclusion, violence, greed, sexism, exploitation and racism rooted in white supremacy, and embrace instead new narratives of reconciliation, inclusion, nonviolence, generosity, equality, and sustainability. Learn More. 


Doug hosts a series of podcasts that can be found in the Now We’re Talk’n feed here


Doug is Founder of Solomon's Porch - A Holistic Christian Community in Minneapolis.  

Learn more. 


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